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JL. Raya Jepara-Semat Km 06, Demangan RT 04/RW 01, Tahunan, Jepara , Central Java,INDONESIA

Contact Person : NUR FAIZIN

Phone : +6285 290 534 869

SMS / whatsApp : +6287 833 840 619


Email :

Visit Jepara

We invite you to shop with confidence since our live customer services support 24 hours a day. Call us, email us, or visit us on the web. We are standing by to help you.

Visit Us
Our factory locates in Jepara that well known as central place for craftsmanship. We always welcome you when you visit our factory. We invite you to see how we produce our furniture, how we keep growing for more than a decade, to discuss new model, new opportunity, or new venture in furniture business with us . We are a growing company, and we are open to new challenges and new opportunities. It perfect choice to visit Jepara to broaden your vision and knowledge of what is possible from teak and other wood to support expanding furniture business.

How to visit us
Jepara is a small town north of Semarang, the capital of Central Java province. It takes 45 minutes air plane trip from Jakarta or Bali to Semarang. When you arrive at the Bandara Ahmad Yani, the Semarang airport, take a taxi and tell the driver you would like to go to Jepara. The trip to Jepara takes 2 hours time, but it worth it.
Please Contact Us before visiting us. Then we can pick you up in the airport. We will make sure that your visit will be enjoyable.

Where to stay in Jepara
There many hotels in Jepara. The best and liked most by foreigners is Jepara Indah Hotel. This is a 3-star hotel, and they facilities are good. Air conditioned room, hot and cold water, big parking area, both Indonesia and western cuisine
Jepara Indah Hotel.
Address : Jl. H.O.S Cokroaminoto no 12. Jepara 59417, Central Java, Indonesia
Phone : (0291) 93548, 93549, 93550
Fax : (0291) 93551

If you want, we can help you book the hotel in advance. Other hotel smaller than Jepara Indah Hotel are Kalingga Hotel, Ratu Shima Hotel, and Kencana Hotel. These hotels facility is almost the same as Jepara Indah, but they might not serve western cuisine. But of course in Jepara there are restaurants that serve western cuisine, such as Pondok Rasa Restaurant, Maribu Restaurant.
There is Lihardo, internet that opens 24/7 for your communication need.

What to look in Jepara
First there are a lot of Indonesia furniture, 18 century reproduction furniture models and styles and handicraft in Jepara to see. You just have to walk around and visit showrooms all over Jepara. You can almost find any models and any styles here in Jepara. Just dont forget that not every one is a bonafide exporter, and that you are here for making good relationship with Cahaya Meubel Furniture Jepara.
Then there are beaches. No, the waves are not so beautiful as in Bali, but the water are clean and the beaches are quite quiet . You can enjoy swimming there.
Then there a resort for diving and living in natural environment. The location is in a set of islands off Jepara shore. The water is clean and very enjoyable for diving. See their web-site:

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